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Tips For Caring For High-Quality Car Floor Mats

by Kayla Bates

Automobile care will require more than just keeping your engine in good condition. In particular, the interior of the car can experience major wear and tear over the years that you own the vehicle. Floor mats, especially custom floor mats, are an effective way of reducing the impact of this wear and tear, but individuals often neglect to adequately care for their floor mats. If you are wanting to keep these protective mats in the best condition possible, you should understand the basics of caring for them.

Apply A Fabric Guard To Your Floor Mats

For those who have chosen fabric floor mats, it is important to prevent them from becoming stained. Mud and other debris from your shoes can easily be forced deep into the fibers of the floor mat, which can make it extremely difficult to clean. You can prevent this from occurring by applying a fabric guard to the floor mats. This will form a protective coating over the fibers of the floor mat, which can stop stains from being absorbed by the fibers.

Wash The Mats On A Regular Basis

Whether you have cloth or vinyl floor mats, you should make it a point to wash them on a regular basis. Washing will help to prevent cloth mats from becoming stained, and it will remove dirt and other substances from vinyl or plastic mats. If these substances are not removed, they can come loose and work their way under the mat, which can allow the pressure from the mat and your feet to force them into the fibers of the flooring itself. Ideally you should be washing your floor mats each month if you want to prevent these issues from impacting your car.

Be Mindful Of Where You Park

The most effective way of preventing dirt and other substances from staining your floor mats is to prevent them from getting into the car in the first place. As a result, you should always be very mindful of where you're parking. While it may occasionally be necessary to park on gravel or dirt, you should use your hands to knock off any dirt, dust,or rocks that are stuck to the bottom of your shoes before you get in the car. If you do not want to use your hand for this task, you can keep wet wipes in your car, but make sure that they are positioned so that you will not need to put your feet in the vehicle to reach them.