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Accessories to Improve Travel Trailer Pulling Safety

Three Benefits To Traveling With Aluminum Trailers This Holiday Season

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Thinking about doing a family caravan of aluminum trailers in the middle of the winter holiday season? Most people might be more inclined to travel in RVs if they are going on a road trip to meet up with other family for Thanksgiving, Christmas, etc. However, traveling with an aluminum trailer has many benefits over an RV, even in winter. Here are just a few. Aluminum Trailers Collect and Retain Heat Naturally Aluminum trailers collect heat as you roll on down the road. They are, after all, like giant soda pop cans on wheels. If you also leave the shades up on your trailer’s windows, it will be like an oven in there when you finally park your trailer for the night. That means you will not have to run the heater endlessly to keep warm if you stay in your trailer in a colder state. (With an RV, you have to constantly use energy to heat the RV and then use a space heater or some other means to stay warm at night.) Aluminum Trailers Require No Additional Gas or Fuel Because you are relying on the fact that a trailer needs no extra fuel or gas to move and your own vehicle pulls it along, you save money. The only travel expense regarding transportation that you have to budget for is the fuel for your towing vehicle. Since an RV consumes a lot more gas and requires more fuel of different types to do what you need it to do, you spend more traveling with the RV than just an aluminum trailer. Aluminum Trailers Can Be Parked and Left Behind While You Drive Around An RV has to go wherever you drive it. When you park it, you park the whole vehicle. At least with an aluminum trailer, you can unhitch the trailer, park it on your relative’s yard or driveway, and then drive around in your vehicle. The trailer is less cumbersome and less of a hassle to use. Aluminum Trailers Take up Less Space Additionally, when you are traveling with an aluminum trailer, they take up less space than an RV. If your relatives are concerned about how and where you will park your trailer, you can assure them that the space you need really is not much at all. Even the smallest RVs cannot make that boast—the RVs will take up most of someone’s driveway, leaving little room for the other relatives’ cars. For more information, contact a professional in your area or visit a website...

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Design A Revved Up Man Cave While You’re Shopping At The Vintage Car Parts Store

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Do you have a visit planned to the classic car parts store or auto graveyard to get items for a vintage model you’re rebuilding? While you’re there, don’t overlook other cheap parts that you can use to design a car-themed man cave or rec room. Here are tips for how to turn those parts you’d normally pass by into furniture and accessories that help save waste and make your place look unique. Tables Need a table for your hangout but don’t want to spend a fortune on “real” furniture? Stack two tires on top of each other and add a glass round on top–easily purchased at a home decorating store along with sticky disks for attachment. You’ll have an instant side table. Swap out the glass for a piece of sheet metal from the hardware store, and you’ve got the perfect place to store remotes, gaming accessories, and power cords. You could also purchase a beat up coffee table at any garage sale for a few dollars and cover the top with vintage license plates from around the US or around the globe. You’ll have no worries about spills or dings. Do you like to indulge in pizza, nachos, or wings while you watch the game? An old spring placed on its side is the perfect item to hold napkins for those messy meals. Key Racks and Coat Hooks When your buddies come over, they want to unload their gear and be comfortable. A line of spark plugs mounted to a two-by-four on the wall makes a great key rack. One item you can always find where there are classic car parts for sale is old crank-style window levers. Mounted on the wall, like the spark plugs, you can use them to hang coats. Another wonderful hanger device is a row of gear shift knobs. Bathroom Fixtures If you have an extra gear shift knob left, you can swap it out for your toilet flush lever to give your man cave powder room an automotive feel. A steering wheel hung on the wall or side of the vanity doubles as a perfect towel hanger, and you can do the same thing by your bar or refreshment area for towels there. Bench or Bar Do you pass by those old pickup trucks at the junk yard and wish you could put them to use? Try using a tailgate as a bench in your rec room by suspending it with seat belt straps from the wall. Mounted a bit higher, the same part makes an ideal bar or buffet. Outdoor Living Finally, if you have an outdoor space you’d like to get more use out of, even in cold weather, you can make your own fire pit from two old tire rims stacked on top of each other. Add a light fixture made from a headlamp (it’s beautifully weather resistant by nature), and you’ll have a spot where everyone wants to go when they get...

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How To Protect Your Car From Hail

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As a car owner, nothing can make you feel more helpless than being trapped in traffic with hailstones bouncing off of your car. You can actually hear the metal being dented and the glass cracking when huge chunks of ice hit. Even smaller hailstones can cause damage. You can protect your vehicle from much of this damage by taking a few precautions.  Cover Obviously, having a garage helps protect your car, but you don’t keep it there 24/7. If you are out on the road or simply have to park your car outside most of the time, you can minimize the damage hail can cause. You can invest in a whole-car cover that can be put on your vehicle when hail is on the way. Of course, you have to monitor the weather and act accordingly, but investing in a cover does help. If you are on the road and can exit to a parking garage, do so. A few bucks in parking fees can save you hundreds in hail damage. If you do not want to invest in a cover, you can use old blankets or, in extreme circumstances, your floor mats to help prevent at least some of the dents and cracks.  Windshield Coating When hail dents your car, it’s an aesthetics problem. You don’t like the way the dents look, but they do not affect the performance of the car. It’s another issue entirely if your windshield or windows break. You can invest in automotive glass protection that can protect you during a hailstorm and also offer you other benefits. The coating makes your windshield stronger, and it helps resist hail, rocks, and other debris. The coating should reduce glare when you drive at night, and it helps keep the surfaces clear so you have better overall vision. This protective coating is especially important if you simply cannot get your vehicle in a garage or protected with a cover. After all, once the storm starts, you risk physical injury if you try and cover up your car. For more information on auto glass coating, contact a company like SML Window Tint. You can take some steps to protect your vehicle from hail damage. If possible, pull over and drive into a parking garage or stop under an overpass. If you have enough warning, you can use protective covers. Investigate protective glass coatings as well. Remember too, you are more important than your vehicle, so never voluntarily expose yourself to hailstones....

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Need a Truck Cap to Protect Materials? Things to Consider

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If you have a lot of tools or supplies you transfer around in the bed of your truck and you worry about leaving everything exposed all of the time, it’s time to get a truck cap. If you aren’t thrilled with the way that they look or you have never considered one in the past, there are a lot of advantages to using one. The cap is going to hold items in the back of the truck so you don’t have to worry about tying or weighing them down and it’s going to keep all of the items dry and clean because the items are sheltered from rain, dust, dirt, and more. Here are a few options you can consider to make the cap look nice, and if you are shopping for a used model. Tinted Windows If you worry that someone may see what you have under your truck cap, look for tinted window options. This way people won’t see if there is anything inside the bed of the truck. People won’t target items they can’t see. If you find a great deal on a used truck cap that you want to buy but the windows on it aren’t tinted, contact a local auto body shop to see what the cost would be to have a tint film put on. Color Match It can be hard to find a truck cap that is the exact color of your truck if you are shopping around for used or that is already in stock, or if the manufacturer you want to order from only has a few stock colors. Talk with the local auto body shop about having the cap painted to match your truck. This is going give the truck a cohesive look, and you can make money off the cap when you sell the truck. It’s important to remember that the truck cap isn’t a permanent accessory that you are adding to the vehicle, and you can take it off if you are in the off season and don’t need to haul items, or when you want to clean the truck bed out. If you worry about theft and items getting damaged or lost during transportation, you’ll want to find a truck cap dealership such as J & C Campers in your local area that has used and new models for you to consider for your new or used...

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2 Ways To Keep Rust From Damaging Your Car’s Undercarriage

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All metal has a vulnerability to the elements. Metal can rust and holes can develop. The more that the metal is exposed to the hard elements and substances that can damage it, the quicker the damage can happen. The metal under your car gets exposed to all kinds of nasty things. When it rains, water gets thrown up to sit in the works. The water, added to the heat of your engine and exhaust, can make rust form faster. Another problem for the bottom of your car is road salt. While many places have stopped using salt during the winter, there are still places that do, and in those places, the salt can really do a job on your car. So, what can you do to help keep your car in good shape? Keep it Clean You may be surprised to find out that washing your car can help keep rust at bay. After all, you use water to wash it, and water is what breaks down the metal in your car. However, you car is generally dried off when you are washing it. The benefits of the water from washing your car outweigh any risks when it comes to road salt. Keeping that stuff off your car will keep it safer. If you choose to go to a car wash, especially in the winter, you can ask for an under wash and for a protectant to be sprayed on your car’s undercarriage. Get it Coated Another option that you have is to take your car to an auto body shop or your dealership and get a protective car undercoating. This coating will be sprayed on to the underside of your car. It acts as a barrier between your car and any water or contaminants that could cause the car to rust. The coating is a thin layer and won’t affect the running of your car in any way. You may have to have the coating renewed on your car periodically, but the place that does it for you can tell you how often you may need to have that done. Keeping your car in good shape and running well takes a little work. Keeping the undercarriage of your car clean and getting an anti-rust coating on the underside of your car are just two easy things that you can do to keep your car in good repair and help it last...

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Finally Have a Lawn to Mow? Here’s a Quick Guide to Choosing the Perfect Mower

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You’ve moved into your new home and it’s not located in a drought region. You finally have a beautiful lawn that you get to tend to. Now you have to go out and buy a lawn mower. Unfortunately, you don’t have a clue about the type of mower to purchase. Before you head to the home improvement store to buy your first lawn mower, take a minute to familiarize yourself with the different types of mowers that are available. Manual Push Mowers If you have a small yard, and want to get some real exercise while you mow, the manual push mower is for you. This type of mower doesn’t have a motor, which means all the power will be coming from you. The blades are attached in a cylindrical reel that stretches between both sides of the frame. There are several benefits to the push mower, including that it is Low cost Fuel-less Good for the environment If you have small children, it’s important that you keep manual push mowers out of their reach. Their tiny fingers can get caught in the blades if they happen to play with the mower when you’re not around to supervise. Rotary Mowers If you don’t want to put all your effort into pushing a lawn mower around your yard but you’re still on a budget, a rotary mower will probably suit your needs. Rotary mowers are powered by a small motor, so you won’t have to use all your strength to propel the mower across your lawn. Rotary mowers come in gas powered and electric models. Both models come with an operator-presence control—or dead-man switch—that will stop the blades from rotating as soon as you take your hand off the power switch located on the handle. This protects you from injuries caused by lawn mower blades should you fall or trip during use. Mulching Mowers If you have a large lawn, you may want to consider purchasing a ride-on or walking mulching mower. This type of mower chops your grass clippings into small pieces so that they can remain on your lawn. There are two benefits to this type of mower. First, you never have to rake your lawn when you’re done mowing. Second, the grass clippings provide a natural layer of mulch, which helps keep your lawn healthy. Now that you have a lawn, you want to choose the right lawn mower. This handy guide will help you select the mower that will work best for...

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Signs to Know When Your Transmission Is Failing

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If you are someone who relies on their dashboard indicators to inform you that there is something wrong with your car then you may need to find a better solution to knowing when your transmission is failing. Many cars do not have a dashboard icon that inform the driver that their transmission is not working properly and failing to receive transmission repairs in a timely matter can definitely create further and costly damages to your transmission. Your RPM When Shifting When shifting into a higher gear, your RPM should drop, as this puts less stress on your engine when driving at higher speeds. If your RPM does not drop shortly after you shift into a higher gear then you could likely be dealing with poor transmission fluid issues. Like your engine, your transmission does need to receive new fluid periodically, which improves the way that your RPM responds when shifting gears. This won’t only improve your driving experience, but will also improve the health of your transmission, which will help prevent further complications. The Response to Your Gear Change If your car is hesitating to pick up speed after changing gears then you are likely facing some issues with your transmission’s clutch. The clutch in your transmission is what allows your gears to be changed properly, so you can pick up speed and have a smooth driving experience. Like brake pads, your clutch does and can begin to wear too low levels, which can impact the performance of your transmissions ability to respond quickly when shifting into higher or lower gears. So, if you shift into a higher gear and your car doesn’t react shortly after doing so then you may want to have a mechanic inspect your transmission’s clutch. Grinding Noises A clear indicator that your transmission is failing can be grinding noises. These grinding noises that you hear are likely cracked or defective gears, which can create major transmission complications if they are not replaced shortly after they become damaged. Cracked gears can create many issues like preventing you from being able to shift into a certain gear and cause your car to become non-operational, which can be a huge inconvenience. So, be sure to look out for grinding noises, as this can mean serious transmission complications. By checking these signs, you will be more informed on why and when your transmission is failing, so you can take action immediately and keep your transmission damages to a minimum. Not only will this protect you from high-cost damages, but it will keep your car in better condition and will allow you to be safer on the road, which is most important. For assistance, talk to a mechanic like American Transmission...

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