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How To Protect Your Car From Hail

by Kayla Bates

As a car owner, nothing can make you feel more helpless than being trapped in traffic with hailstones bouncing off of your car. You can actually hear the metal being dented and the glass cracking when huge chunks of ice hit. Even smaller hailstones can cause damage. You can protect your vehicle from much of this damage by taking a few precautions. 


Obviously, having a garage helps protect your car, but you don't keep it there 24/7. If you are out on the road or simply have to park your car outside most of the time, you can minimize the damage hail can cause. You can invest in a whole-car cover that can be put on your vehicle when hail is on the way. Of course, you have to monitor the weather and act accordingly, but investing in a cover does help. If you are on the road and can exit to a parking garage, do so. A few bucks in parking fees can save you hundreds in hail damage. If you do not want to invest in a cover, you can use old blankets or, in extreme circumstances, your floor mats to help prevent at least some of the dents and cracks. 

Windshield Coating

When hail dents your car, it's an aesthetics problem. You don't like the way the dents look, but they do not affect the performance of the car. It's another issue entirely if your windshield or windows break. You can invest in automotive glass protection that can protect you during a hailstorm and also offer you other benefits. The coating makes your windshield stronger, and it helps resist hail, rocks, and other debris. The coating should reduce glare when you drive at night, and it helps keep the surfaces clear so you have better overall vision. This protective coating is especially important if you simply cannot get your vehicle in a garage or protected with a cover. After all, once the storm starts, you risk physical injury if you try and cover up your car. For more information on auto glass coating, contact a company like SML Window Tint.

You can take some steps to protect your vehicle from hail damage. If possible, pull over and drive into a parking garage or stop under an overpass. If you have enough warning, you can use protective covers. Investigate protective glass coatings as well. Remember too, you are more important than your vehicle, so never voluntarily expose yourself to hailstones.