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2 Ways To Keep Rust From Damaging Your Car's Undercarriage

by Kayla Bates

All metal has a vulnerability to the elements. Metal can rust and holes can develop. The more that the metal is exposed to the hard elements and substances that can damage it, the quicker the damage can happen. The metal under your car gets exposed to all kinds of nasty things. When it rains, water gets thrown up to sit in the works. The water, added to the heat of your engine and exhaust, can make rust form faster. Another problem for the bottom of your car is road salt. While many places have stopped using salt during the winter, there are still places that do, and in those places, the salt can really do a job on your car. So, what can you do to help keep your car in good shape?

Keep it Clean

You may be surprised to find out that washing your car can help keep rust at bay. After all, you use water to wash it, and water is what breaks down the metal in your car. However, you car is generally dried off when you are washing it. The benefits of the water from washing your car outweigh any risks when it comes to road salt. Keeping that stuff off your car will keep it safer. If you choose to go to a car wash, especially in the winter, you can ask for an under wash and for a protectant to be sprayed on your car's undercarriage.

Get it Coated

Another option that you have is to take your car to an auto body shop or your dealership and get a protective car undercoating. This coating will be sprayed on to the underside of your car. It acts as a barrier between your car and any water or contaminants that could cause the car to rust. The coating is a thin layer and won't affect the running of your car in any way. You may have to have the coating renewed on your car periodically, but the place that does it for you can tell you how often you may need to have that done.

Keeping your car in good shape and running well takes a little work. Keeping the undercarriage of your car clean and getting an anti-rust coating on the underside of your car are just two easy things that you can do to keep your car in good repair and help it last longer.