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Signs to Know When Your Transmission Is Failing

by Kayla Bates

If you are someone who relies on their dashboard indicators to inform you that there is something wrong with your car then you may need to find a better solution to knowing when your transmission is failing. Many cars do not have a dashboard icon that inform the driver that their transmission is not working properly and failing to receive transmission repairs in a timely matter can definitely create further and costly damages to your transmission.

Your RPM When Shifting

When shifting into a higher gear, your RPM should drop, as this puts less stress on your engine when driving at higher speeds. If your RPM does not drop shortly after you shift into a higher gear then you could likely be dealing with poor transmission fluid issues. Like your engine, your transmission does need to receive new fluid periodically, which improves the way that your RPM responds when shifting gears. This won't only improve your driving experience, but will also improve the health of your transmission, which will help prevent further complications.

The Response to Your Gear Change

If your car is hesitating to pick up speed after changing gears then you are likely facing some issues with your transmission's clutch. The clutch in your transmission is what allows your gears to be changed properly, so you can pick up speed and have a smooth driving experience. Like brake pads, your clutch does and can begin to wear too low levels, which can impact the performance of your transmissions ability to respond quickly when shifting into higher or lower gears. So, if you shift into a higher gear and your car doesn't react shortly after doing so then you may want to have a mechanic inspect your transmission's clutch.

Grinding Noises

A clear indicator that your transmission is failing can be grinding noises. These grinding noises that you hear are likely cracked or defective gears, which can create major transmission complications if they are not replaced shortly after they become damaged. Cracked gears can create many issues like preventing you from being able to shift into a certain gear and cause your car to become non-operational, which can be a huge inconvenience. So, be sure to look out for grinding noises, as this can mean serious transmission complications.

By checking these signs, you will be more informed on why and when your transmission is failing, so you can take action immediately and keep your transmission damages to a minimum. Not only will this protect you from high-cost damages, but it will keep your car in better condition and will allow you to be safer on the road, which is most important. For assistance, talk to a mechanic like American Transmission Center.